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Catching up with Charlie Ward


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To quote Elmer Fudd, it’s “vewwy, vewwy quiet” around here. But that’s no fault of the Great NoleCC or anyone else; it’s tough to write when there isn’t much going on. Sure, there is FSU Baseball and Softball, but for the casual fan those don’t get hot until College World Series time.

So what is a writer to do?

‘Tis the season for links and interviews, that’s what.

And from The Starting comes an interview with one of the best athletes to ever put on the garnet and gold, a superstar on both the gridiron and the hardwood. Someone who was inducted into the FSU Hall of Fame in 1999.

I am talking, of course, of Charlie Ward.

Charlie Ward Speaks With Sean Mitchell: Versatility Realized (The Starting


3 comments on Catching up with Charlie Ward

  1. Hahahaha. WABBIT SEASON.

    That’s a great article about Charlie. I never knew he was a good baseball player too, nor did I know about the love of tennis. Talk about an all around athlete. The only reason Charlie Ward isn’t my “go to” QB when I think of the Noles is because he was really before my “Nole” time. Busby and Weinke were really my first QBs because they were there when I started school.

    Excellent interview by Sean though. Charlie is such a humble guy from what I’ve read and seen. It’s refreshing in this day and age of me, me, me.

  2. P.S. I love when you post Jordi, because I get to put up that picture of Bob Ryan and you. It makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME. :)

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