Flashback: Two Years Ago on The Serious Tip

By | June 12, 2010

One of my favorite blog features in the blogosphere are the “X Years Ago on Rays Index” posts done by Cork Gaines of Rays Index.  A few times a week, Cork goes back in the archives and looks at what he wrote about the Tampa Bay Rays on a particular day. As a reader, it not only shows what Cork said, but also shows milestones in the evolution of the Rays from cellar-dwellers to one of the best teams in baseball.

Using Cork’s example, every so often I am going to take a look back at what I wrote on my old site, The Serious Tip, on any particular day. For lack of a better term, I’m going to call them “flashbacks”. Of course, because I didn’t write everyday over there, I can only “flashback” on anniversaries of days I wrote something, unless I want to celebrate writing nothing. Sort of like an “un-birthday”.

Two years today for example, I wrote a post entitled “Hey, Wait, I’m Blogging Sports Complaints“.  Inspired by then-Deadspin.com editor and Nirvana fan Will Leitch, I compared many of the first generation of sports blogs to the grunge bands of the late 1980s and early 1990s. I postulated that both early sports blogs and grunge bands had similar do-it-yourself chutzpah and “revolutionary” tendencies as well as a desire to “stick it to” the way their interest (music/sports) was packaged by the mainstream.

Of course, after I sent the finished post to Will Leitch, he posted a link to The Serious Tip on Deadspin.com and my post was read by thousands of Deadspin readers, one of whom wrote possibly the best comment I ever received in nearly four years of blogging:

Anonymous said…

I think 99% of the time this blog sucks complete ass. This though, was spectacularly average.

So swing on by and check out one of my favorite posts from The Serious Tip:

Hey, Wait, I’m Blogging Sports Complaints