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More notes on the Edwin Jackson no-hitter


I wanted to follow up yesterday’s post on the Edwin Jackson no-hitter with some of my own personal thoughts:

– In the last year, I have seen a walk-off home run, a cycle, and a no-hitter. Granted, I go to approximately 20 Rays games and a handful of minor league games a year, but I still think that’s impressive.

– Friday night was the first time I wore the afro to Tropicana Field. That won’t happen again.

– Friday night I also brought a vuvuzela, one of the four I ordered from (cheap plug!). Even though Joe Madden of the Rays said they are a bad gimmick, I brought one anyway. That won’t happen again.

– Another note about the vuvuzela: if you watch the last highlight, you can hear a faint buzzing in the background. I had one of approximately 10 horns in the crowd. Yes, they get that loud. I can’t imagine being in a stadium full of horns. Especially a dome.

– According to, the odds of seeing a no-hitter is approximately 1505 to 1. That’s a little bit less than half the chance of successfully navigating an asteroid field (3720 to 1).

– During the game, I also had the pleasure of meeting two Rays fans I talk to on twitter: Ingrid (aka kero97) and Brandi (aka southernmojo). They were awesome. We talked about doing a Rays fan tweet-up soon.

– The Rays are 2-7 this year in games I have attended and have not won in my presence since April 9th, the first Friday of the season. After starting 2-0 that first week, they have lost 7 in a row. I was seriously considering not going to Friday’s game in an attempt to end this streak. My next tickets are for a game during a huge series against Boston next week. I’m not sure I can even consider putting my personal baseball enjoyment ahead of the success of the team. I may have to sit this one out.


2 comments on More notes on the Edwin Jackson no-hitter

  1. Watched that whole game on T.V. — I have honestly never seen a no hitter before. (in real life or on T.v.) until that night… probably not the same odds to catch it on T.V.

  2. I don’t think I have ever seen a no-hitter on TV, although on my old site I wrote that I started to watch the Fernando Valenzuela no-no back in 1990, but I went to sleep instead. I know thanks to ESPN I have seen the end of many, but I don’t think that counts. Seeing one live was definitely interesting.

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