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Straight Outta AA Part 1


(Like many artists, writers, and creative geniuses, I have tons of unpublished material filling up binders, boxes, folders, and file cabinets. These vary from ideas to notions to poems to half-written stories. Every once in a while, I’m going to dust one off and publish it here. This is Part 1 of a two part poem written in 2002.)

Gotta keep running

Lead the fugitive’s life

On the lam

Can’t tell me what to do

Can’t change me

Jimmie and Frankie

Great guys

Sprung me from the joint

Into the cold night air

I’m gonna run to the other side of town

The rundown bar

Belly up

Holler for a brew

Barley and hops never tasted so good

I needed this for a long time

Couldn’t drink in the joint

Part of the punishment

Cheers to Freedom

and to hell with Alcoholics Anonymous


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