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Hair Power in Tampa


I saw something interesting today. I found yet another Tampa-based blogger who uses hair as their gimmick.

That makes three.

Of course, there is me and my crazy, Afro-Squad inspired ‘fro.

There is Miss Destructo, and her blue ‘do.

Today, I discovered another, the purple-haired Short Hair Diva of the aptly named Apparently she was also at the Tampa social media meet-up the other week. Unfortunately, although I took a pic with Miss Destructo, and The Shorthair Diva did pictures with Miss Destructo, we did not do a group pic.

Any idea why there are so many crazy hair bloggers in Tampa?

Is it the water?

Is it the heat?


2 comments on Hair Power in Tampa

  1. Hmm. Whoever took those pictures needs to own up!!

    Now my hair is shorter, thinking of going all blue. Whatcha think doll?

    Love the fro. “Is he your Dad?”


  2. You absolutely need to go all blue. I have a feeling someone will find our pic in a pawn shop and it will make national news. Ha ha. Someone actually asked if I was your dad? Jeez, I didn’t think I looked that old.

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