This song popped into my head five minutes ago.

And here is a George Clinton jam with Ice Cube (pre-sitcom days):

And another, this time with Q-Tip, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Busta Rhymes:

Finally, here is a video mash-up with the music of Big News I by Clutch and a Gorillaz video. Not only do I think this video is good, and good fit to the music, I just bought tickets to see Clutch for the first time since 2004. So there is that.

  1. You have been missing out. Clutch has been playing the same club my band rocked back in the day in DeKalb. Also I recommend you pick up their new DVD, Live at the 9:30 club.

  2. I caught Clutch at the House of Blues when they toured with Coheed and Cambria. Great show.