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Last Week’s Linkly Round Up


I popped up at two of my regular spots last week.

Over at Rays Index, I covered the BJ Upton Bowling for Charity event: Bowling With Bossman. I met some really cool people, to include Roxanne Wilder of among other things. I also met some other folks I had conversed with on twitter, and that is always very cool for me.

(By the way, last week the amount of people who follow me on twitter actually surpassed the number of people I follow. Granted, people like Shaq don’t follow me, and I follow them, but it is very humbling to know that that many people care about what I have to say. Or they are just spam bots.)

Then, over at, I wrote a post about my connection with new baseball Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven entitled Six Degrees of Separation with a New Hall of Famer. I had the sad displeasure of facing a protege of Blyleven’s in little league, a youngster by the name of Tyler Martin. After facing Martin, my big leagues were destroyed.