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The Fabulous Amazing Turtlecalls


I am a big fan of Brian Spaeth’s work. Ever since he let me guest-post for nearly a year on YaySports!NBA as he worked on the Who Shot Mamba? movie, I’ve been following his creative endeavors. I’ve bought one of his books, followed his blog, and even attended a feature screening of Mamba.

But now he is doing something so far out in left field, even I have to question “where in the world does he get these ideas?“.

He is calling random people and impersonating a turtle. And also turtle impersonating Don Cheadle.

It is true. It is also damn near one of the funniest things I have ever heard and seen online.

So check out

Here is the latest:

Warning: I bought a turtlecall. So if Don Cheadle appears on your Caller ID, smile and say, “Hello Turtle, I have been waiting for your call.”


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