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Links Tomorrow, Links Yesterday, But Never Links Today


First, a few posts by me at my usual writing sites:

Over at, I compared the Rays coaching staff to a military unit. There are coaches, officers, and even a few potato peelers.

The Rays Combat Coaching Corps –

Then, at (have I ever mentioned we have a book for sale?), I wrote about a few Red Sox prospect who was highly regarded by the Topps baseball card company – but no one else.

Reviewing a Future Star: Pat Dodson –

Now that I’ve plugged myself, here a few interesting links that I think you might enjoy written by other people. wrote that Cap’n Crunch may be on the way out. According to the article, the makers of the fine cereal aren’t displaying it on their website or anywhere else. I will be very upset if the Cap’n is retired, as Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch is one of my all-time favorite cereals.

As a matter of fact, here is my top five:

1. Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch

2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

3. Rice Krispie Treat Cereal

4. Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries

5. Reese Pieces Cereal

I’ve never been much of a marshmellow cereal fan, but anything with high amounts of sugar – I’m all over it. Some people drink coffee, I eat candy cereal. It gives me the buzz I need to get going in the morning.

(Update: DailyFinance needs to check their facts. The Cap’n isn’t retiring. And I can stay sugar buzzed in the morning. Hooray!)

Speaking of getting up in the morning, lately I’ve been able to do so a lot later as I have been without a job since late January. Although there hasn’t been any money coming in, I’m feeling a lot healthier than I was when I worked at my job. According to the LA Times, people who don’t like their job or feel irregular stress because of it actually felt better after they left, even it meant losing their income.

Maybe that’s me.

Speaking of me, here is a post I swear I probably would have written if I wasn’t beaten to it. Over at BusLeaguesBaseball, fellow writer Brian Moynahan discusses the history and future of a minor league team in Pensacola. Hey, I thought Florida minor league news was my beat?

Indiana definitely isn’t my beat, but it is home to the greatest fictional athlete ever, Jimmy Chitwood. Did you know he had five times the impact of any current NBA player? Can you imagine what he would be worth in the open market? Instead, he was regulated by The Man and his socialist school zoning areas. Which, in 1950-something Indiana, was the whole town of Hickory. Except for the black kids, they had to go to school outside of town.

And finally, because I think it is in my contract as proprietor of this fine site, here is’s latest “Dead Wrestler of the Week” post – a tribute to the late, great Captain Lou Albano.

(Perhaps you are wondering, why the pic of Snoop and Darth Vader? Why not?)