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Rays Rookie Roundtable and a Review of The Extra 2%


(This post originally appeared on Bus Leagues

Over the last week I had the pleasure of partaking in a roundtable discussion with a group of Tampa Bay Rays bloggers on the subject of the Rays minor league system. Led by the blog, the group was asked which Rays prospect was going to break out on a lower level and upper level team, which prospect was over-hyped, what the Rays prospect list will look like in 2012, and a miscellaneous prediction.

Check out my answers then click the link to see why and read the rest of the very smart panel member’s answers:

Upper-level Breakout – Tim Beckham

Lower-level Breakout – Josh Sale

– Hak-Ju Lee

Top Ten List for 2012
1. Matt Moore
2. Chris Archer
3. Josh Sale
4. Nick Barnese
5. Drew Vettleson
6. Alex Torres
7. Tim Beckham
8. Hak-Ju Lee
9. Alex Colome
10. Ty Morrison

Miscellaneous prediction
– On Monday, July 4th a young father with take his son or daughter to their first ever baseball game at Riverwalk Stadium in Montgomery. They’ll see Matt Moore strike out 10 Tennessee Smokies; Tim Beckham go 1 for 3, with a double, a walk, and a run scored; and the Biscuits win 5-2. The kid will be given a foul ball caught by a nearby fan, stay for the fireworks, and become a fan for life.

Also, over at, I reviewed the new Jonah Keri book, The Extra 2%. Check out my review, and then definitely check out the book. Jonah has been a friend of many of us here at BusLeaguesBaseball for a while now and has imparted on us some great advice on being a better writer. His book is definitely a reflection of his talent. And it would look great next to your copy of The Bus Leagues Experience.