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Another interview with the Cowbell Kid


I forgot to post this earlier, and for certain reasons (the retirement of Manny Ramirez) I feel bad about posting this now. But ’tis tradition around these parts to talk to the Cowbell Kid at the beginning of every Rays season. So here is this year’s interview.

Jordi: It’s that time of year again. Hey Cowbell Kid, are you getting excited about Rays baseball? What about the other Fans of the Cowbell Kid?

Cowbell Kid: I am getting very excited about Rays baseball! I can’t help but feel like this team is going to surprise those who were ridiculing the organization for slashing payroll and making the off-season decision that they have made. I for one think that Manny Ramirez is going to be a huge part of the Rays success this year, BJ Upton is going to put up career numbers as well. team will win at least the wild card and if Boston implodes like I feel its going to, we will win the division because the Yankees are going to be a non-factor this year!

Jordi: Hey Cowbell Kid, what about Kyle Farnsworth? He seems like a character. What do you think of the pitching?

Cowbell Kid: He looks like a character and has very dominant thus far in Spring Training. But I expect Jake McGee to emerge as the closer not too far into the season. I am however concerned about WD-40; Price, Shields, and Neimann will be amazing that’s for sure!

Jordi: Hey Cowbell Kid, I heard you just found out you were in The Extra 2% book. Have you read it yet? Thoughts on the fact that you are mentioned in a national best-seller?

Cowbell Kid: I haven’t read it yet, but it seems to me that they should have mentioned every single hardcore Rays fan, I am only 1 man but the Trop (contrary to what some say) has a legion of Rays fans that actually deserve to be mentioned more than I do! That being said it won’t change how I live my life ;)

Jordi: Hey Cowbell Kid, have you had a chance to meet Manny Ramirez yet? Will you be braiding your hair to look like his?

Cowbell Kid: Planet Manny has not yet collided with Planet Cowbell, but when it does, I would like you to be there with a video camera. That being said I am very excited to have Mr. Manny as a part of the Rays, also I have a light blue jersey sporting his name/number & acquired some giant blue dreadlocks in his honor. I whole-heartedly believe Manny is going to have a career year with the Rays & when he does I would like to extend an invitation to him personally & am hoping to have him over for cake & ice cream at some point during the season. I figure if there’s going to be a circus in town, I may as well be a part of it!

Jordi: Hey Cowbell Kid, will you boo or cheer Carl Crawford when his makes his return in a Boston Red Sox jersey?

Cowbell Kid: I will do neither, Thanks for the memories Carl, but your the past bro, and I hope he does well personally but hope his team implodes. I won’t even think twice about him unless he pays me to do so!