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My sad ScalpEm farewell


I always find it hard to leave somewhere I’ve enjoyed being. I know that sounds cliche, or even painfully obvious (who likes leaving where they like being?), but I’ve moved around so much that finding a home is something I really value.

Especially when it comes to my alma mater.

There are a lot of FSU sports web sites out there. The Internet is full of sites talking about the Noles. But none reached out to me like did. The webmaster of, NoleCC, was one of the first FSU fans to comment on my work on The Serious Tip and one of the first online people I found I could talk Noles with (it also helps that he is a Mets fan).

I’ve been writing for since November 2008. I like to think I wrote some pretty good stuff over there. I like to think I kept it varied. There were times I complained. For example, I was hard on the boosters and tough on the parking situation. But there were times I came out of left field. Those were my favorites. Like when I compared the Florida college football scene to post-WWI geopolitics or when I asked if M&Ms were biased against Florida State.

But alas, like they say in the ending of Dumbo’s Circus, all good things must come to an end. And I wrote my final piece for Monday.

Feel free to take a gander.

Jordi’s ScalpEm Farewell –