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Talking about Beauty, Power, and Control


There was an interesting post on the other day entitled “Why Behold Beauty? Because it’s Sociable“.

I love this line:

Beauty, or rather our perception of it (for only in an eye does does it reside), is a prod to curiosity. It’s a invitation to invest attention and emotion, which are expensive.

Beauty is the reason guys get nervous around a beautiful woman. With her, he must commit time, emotion, and then cognitive thought with what brain power he has left. Yet at the same time he must assume the guy position of social power, confidence, and strength. Doing so is tough until he gets used to her human beauty.

That’s the difference between beauty that outlasts us and beauty we live longer than. Beauty such a sunset will be beautiful until time eternal. We don’t feel nervous around it because we know it will be there tomorrow, even though we might not be. We also don’t have power over it. We know that.

We feel more nervous around fleeting beauty. We take pictures of it, frame it, and try to keep it forever. But the sad reality is that no beauty lives forever. Eventually of course the Earth will be swallowed by the sun, which will be swallowed by a black hole, which will be swallowed by other black holes, and the Big Crunch will occur. And all beauty as we know it will be lost.

We also try to control beauty far too often. We overreact. We corner it and tell it what to do. We have to treat all beauty like the aforementioned sunrise or sunset and let it breathe. To do otherwise would be to ruin it’s innocence.

But to digress briefly back to the subject of women, beauty is also used as both status – fake boobs, extensions, liposuction, etc – but also in the concept of arm candy. Many status-obsessed men must have a certain level of physical beauty in their lives – be it a certain car, girl, or home. It shows achievement, power, and to an extent, control.

So what do you think? What is the epitome of beauty to you? Is it physical? Intellectual?

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1 comment on Talking about Beauty, Power, and Control

  1. Beauty like reason is a personal possession of humans. These personal possessions are powerful but must be controlled to be useful. For instance a woman that uses beauty to ensure a wealthy man who is drawn to her beauty is control her beauty to achieve a particular objective. Perhaps our bigger questions here are why does beauty work in such a way? Or maybe further why does beauty exist at all? Reality and material reality as experienced by our perceptions consists of many contrasts. I think it is these contrasts that drive us as people. A contrast would be wealthy versus poor, humble or conceded, beautiful or ugly. As our mind experiences our perceptions it is drawn and or driven by these contrasts and the illusion of a better more desirable reality in the material world. Perhaps a fundamental driver or really our inability to be apathetic is the fact that we too are an extricable part of the material world and therefore cannot extract ourself from it. The world always relentlessly pulls at us. Tempting us. Deceiving us.

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