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I’ve kept my sports writing off of this site for a while now. I’ve been writing all my baseball-related posts over at since 2014. I’ve been happy with that and that blog on the business of baseball in Tampa Bay is consistently growing season after season. Through research and well-written posts, it has become a prominent voice in the Tampa Bay baseball blogosphere.

But every once in a while, I like to write sports-related posts on other sites. I like to get my name out there and get a little more exposure. I think I feel more confident doing that with sports writing than any other subject – that might be something I have to work on.

So I dropped Peter Schorch of SaintPetersblog a message and asked if I could write a piece on his site. This opinion piece is about the local political obstacles the Tampa Bay Rays face to gain a monopoly of support in the Tampa Bay region.

According to my article, the Rays

not only face the obstacles of a transit mess, a spread-out fan base and lack of funding options, but also city and county politicians who can’t resist the temptation of local baseball interests.

Check it out: