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My profile said I should apply to Hooters


I’ve been looking for a new job recently. This is not a big secret. My bosses told me the budget for my job ends in December. They know I am looking and they are helping where possible. So not a secret at all.

As part of my job hunt, I have signed up for various websites that send me alerts when openings match the keywords of my resume. 99.9% of the time, these emails are accurate, sending alerts for military analyst, financial analyst, or business analyst positions.

The other day, however, I received the following alert:

Job Hunt

Merchandiser? I guess that’s sales and business.

Business Analyst for a HealthCare company? Makes sense. That’s the field I am in now.

Brand Ambassador? That’s marketing, I think.

Hooters Girl ….

How did they come up with that?

I’m sure I would do a great job. I think I have what it takes to fit in.


Maybe I should apply. Then again, I could be rejected. It’s happened before.