Master’s in Business Administration
University of South Florida, 2016 (3.5 GPA)
Focus: Project and Process Management / Creativity and Innovation

  • Business and Competitive Intelligence Analysis
  • Value Creation
  • Politics and Small Teams
  • Improv for Business

Master’s in International Affairs
Florida State University, 2005 (3.73 GPA)

  • Globalism
  • Middle East History
  • Fundamentals of Islam

Master’s thesis on the Kurdish Peshmerga.

Willing to face Death: A History of Kurdish Military Forces – the Peshmerga – from the Ottoman Empire to Present-Day Iraq (.pdf)

Bachelor’s Degree in English/Creative Writing
Florida State University, 2003 (3.51 GPA)

Academic papers:

Understanding Osama Bin Laden (.pdf) (2004)

The Relationship of Religion and Politics in Islam (.pdf) (2004)

Why the Soviet Union Collapsed (.pdf) (2004)

Tallahassee Bar Traditions (2001) (.pdf)


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