The original Biggy Smallz

Way back in the day, I heard rapper extraordinaire, the late Notorious B.I.G., stopped using the name Biggie Smalls because another rapper was using the name. The now-more-famous, but-then-newer Biggie (aka Christopher Wallace) only had a demo, a few freestyles, and the “Party & Bullshit” song to his name. He changed his name to Notorious… Read More »

Flava in Ya Documentary

Music documentaries are a favorite of mine. Especially ones of old school hip hop. This one, on Craig Mack, was interesting. Although it focused primarily on Mack’s early days and his relationship with Sean Puffy Combs. I would have liked to see more what happened to Craig between 2000 and 2015, when he was found… Read More »

What I’m Reading – January 2017: Military, Media, Star Wars, and Beer

A wrap-up of articles I found most interesting this month. (I promise few if any articles on the new American president.) Why America is Self-Segregating – Data Society Points, 1/5/2017 I could write a lot about this article. Researcher Danah Boyd explores America’s drift into social segregation by using examples of the military, military contracting,… Read More »

Everything Comes to He Who Hustles While He Waits

That’s a line from Thomas Edison Inventor Hustler Here is bottom line, for those wasting time Not paying attention Because they can’t afford free speech I’ve been hustling I’ve been waiting I’ve been working hard for years Waiting for the big payback In the words of the Godfather of Soul People said James Brown was… Read More »

Jedi, Friends, Lovers, and Princesses

I write about Star Wars often on this site, but I wasn’t sure how to write about the passing of Carrie Fisher. She was important, but I was more into other elements of the saga, from the Jedi to the aliens. I was fine with letting others discuss her impact on their Star Wars fandom.… Read More »

What I’m Reading – December 2016: Analysis, Intelligence, Media, Protests, and Comedy

A wrap-up of articles I found most interesting this month. America’s National Security Agencies Under Trump: Lessons from the Nixon Administration – War on The Rocks, 12/21/2016 War on the Rocks takes an interesting look at distrust between the president-elect and intelligence agencies. So far, Donald Trump has shown hostility towards intelligence organizations. During the… Read More »

On the field at Doak Campbell Stadium at Florida State University

When I was a student at Florida State, one of my biggest aspirations was to go on the football field at Doak Campbell Stadium. I knew the right people, but I never took advantage of the opportunity. I even worked in the administrative offices surrounding the stadium and used to nap between classes in the… Read More »

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