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Category: Culture

Thoughts on Music in Afghanistan

Lately I’ve been reading about music in Afghanistan. I’ve been looking at both sides – music listened to by traditionalists who want to hold people down and the Western-influenced music played by those who want progress in Afghanistan. On one hand, there is the music of the Taliban, often called “taranas” or “nasheeds”. These musical […]

The Sick Little Afghan Boy

A few weeks ago, I had a wicked chest cold. Unfortunately, chest colds are not uncommon here in this part of Afghanistan as the weather is a bit cool, it rains often, the air is thin, and there is a severely unhealthy amount of pollution in the air. Almost everyone gets sick at some point […]

Random thoughts on Afghanistan and US History

I’ve had the pleasure of working with several local Afghans in my month here in Afghanistan. As I have written before, it has been an interesting experience, especially in regards to comparing and contrasting our two very different cultures. Although we are in a war zone, and sometimes we are incredibly busy, there are some […]

The Death of Media Browsing at the Mall

(Disclaimer: I have written for the TBT and my articles have appeared on the TBT Soundcheck blog.) A few months ago, Jay Cridlin of the Tampa Bay Times Soundcheck blog wrote about the last of the mall-based chain music stores to close in the Tampa Bay area. Jay, like me, will kinda miss these once […]

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