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Florida State’s epic April Fool’s joke

On April 1st, Florida State University and the University of Florida played an epic April Fool’s joke. With the coordination of both university presidents, the schools announced the creation of a merged “super university”. The FSView (who I wrote for years ago) had a great article about the fake merger. According to the FSView: The […]

The Normal of the Abnormal

(This was originally published in the FSView and Florida Flambeau in Sept 2002, but since they don’t have my old articles online at all, I decided to post it here.) co-written with Naomi Reed On Saturday night in a club full of dancing, gyrating bodies, the strobe lights beam, and a high energy level pulsates […]

FSU Marching Chiefs perform Star Wars

There are millions of videos on YouTube. Thousands, if not tens of thousands, are uploaded every day. But I found my two favorite videos. Yes, they are even slightly better than anything I have ever created. The Florida State University Marching Chiefs perform Star Wars – Part 1   The Florida State University Marching Chiefs […]

The Unpalatable Molly Knight

Before its first issue in 1998, ESPN Magazine was introduced in a commercial starring NBA players Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury. In this commercial, the then-Timberwolves claimed the magazine wouldn’t have “swimsuits, thongs, or bikinis”, but instead would be “all nude”, albeit “tastefully done”. Because that’s important. In its history, ESPN Magazine has not only […]

Operation Conquerors of Rhode Island

While perusing some of my old FSView & Florida Flambeau articles, I found this classic. My first editorial, written in May 2002.   Operation C.O.R.I.   My plan to conquer Rhode Island was born at a time of so many of my other great ideas- during a night of drunken debauchery. I figured there hadn’t […]

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