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Category: Financial

What I’m Reading – July 2016: Terrorism, Warfare, iPhones, and Beavis and Butt-Head

A few of the articles I found most interesting in July 2016: Recent Attacks Illuminate the Islamic State’s Europe Attack Network – The Jamestown Foundation Although written in April, this is an amazing look into ISIS’s European network. This article discusses the personalities, organizations, and connections behind some of the most horrendous terror strikes of […]

Who funds protecting economic interests?

I am a big fan of financial consultant Dave Coker. I’ve followed Dave’s adventures in global financial advisement for a few years now and when he started blogging recently, I knew he would be a must read. As expected, his charts and analysis on his blog,”Observations of a Financial Nature”, always get me thinking. But […]

An Update on Investing in Shoes

Way back in the days of yore, when gas prices were high and wallets sore, I wrote a post on my old site that discussed investing in alternative means of transportation. That post, entitled “Making money on pedal power and athletic footwear“, was based on the idea that people would start ditching their cars and […]

Pre-Paying The Man

So it’s been a while since I wrote something original here. But never fear, I’ve been stockpiling ideas, ready to expound on them at a moment’s notice. Today’s idea has been marinating in my melon for a dozen years or so, but was re-inspired by a post I read on the NY Times Freakonomics blog […]

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