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Category: Transportation

Animating automobile aggression

On occasion, I’ve been known to be a bit aggressive on the road. I’m not a bad driver, by any means. I know, everyone says that, but I’ve never been in an accident (knock on the web equivalent of wood) that wasn’t a slight bumper tap. The only time I have ever needed to involve […]

The Death of My First Truck

Here is an email I found that I wrote to several friends nine years ago today (March 18, 2004) in regards to the demise of my first pick-up truck, a white 1992 Mazda pick-up with an extended cab. To those it may concern, Alas it is with a very remorseful heart that I must pass on the news […]

Dumping the Deep Thoughts

Well, I started a new job this week. The three-month unemployment vacation is over. The difficult thing now is to fit in work to the rest of my life. To paraphrase Corinthians 1 13:11, when I was unemployed, I talked like I was unemployed, I acted like I was unemployed, and reasoned like I was […]

An Update on Investing in Shoes

Way back in the days of yore, when gas prices were high and wallets sore, I wrote a post on my old site that discussed investing in alternative means of transportation. That post, entitled “Making money on pedal power and athletic footwear“, was based on the idea that people would start ditching their cars and […]

Pre-Paying The Man

So it’s been a while since I wrote something original here. But never fear, I’ve been stockpiling ideas, ready to expound on them at a moment’s notice. Today’s idea has been marinating in my melon for a dozen years or so, but was re-inspired by a post I read on the NY Times Freakonomics blog […]

Urban Spawl as Terrorist Deterrent

Besides sports, music, culture, and cartoons, another interest of mine is geopolitics. I’ve been an avid reader of sites like for close to 10 years and as many of you know, I have my masters in International Affairs. Unfortunately, I have zero interest in living in DC, the hub of American international happenings. Absolutely […]