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Category: Afro-Squad

When the Afro-Squad almost made Creative Loafing

I was rummaging through some old emails recently and I found an interesting correspondence. Back in 2008, when the Afro-Squad was running wild at pro wrestling shows throughout Central Florida, I emailed a writer for Tampa alternative publication Creative Loafing and invited him to check us out. I thought our colorful cast of characters and […]

The Afro-Squad on AFN Europe

When I was in Afghanistan, I had the privilege of watching hours upon hours of the Armed Forces Network. This staple of deployed broadcasting isn’t terrible, but it has its peculiarities. A big difference between AFN and American television is the lack of commercials. That’s right, for nearly a year I did not see one […]

When LeBron James was a member of the AfroSquad

Although forced underground by The Man, the Afro-Squad has had many famous members, especially in the basketball ranks. There was Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Gamble, Ben Wallace, and most recently, Andrew Bynum. Thanks to Cork Gaines of RaysIndex and other internet endeavors, we now have proof that the greatest current basketball player sported a fro once […]

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