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Category: Cartoons

What I’m Reading: June 2018 – Science, War, Information Conflict, Cyber Conflict, and Looney Tunes

Articles I found most interesting in June 2018: This Is Why Physicists Think String Theory Might Be Our ‘Theory Of Everything –, Starts With a Bang, 6/14/2018 A quick look at a very deep subject. Theoretical physics has always fascinated me. Especially string theory. I’ve often wondered if the movement along the strings could […]

What I’m Reading – October 2016: Weaponized Media, Populism, Cyber Attacks, and Asian Hip-Hop

A wrap-up of articles I found most interesting this month. War Goes Viral: How social media is being weaponized across the world – The Atlantic, November 2016 This was my favorite read of the month. Authors Emerson T. Booking and P.W. Singer explore the relatively new phenomenon of social media manipulation. Booking and Singer discuss […]

Animating automobile aggression

On occasion, I’ve been known to be a bit aggressive on the road. I’m not a bad driver, by any means. I know, everyone says that, but I’ve never been in an accident (knock on the web equivalent of wood) that wasn’t a slight bumper tap. The only time I have ever needed to involve […]

New music animosity is nothing new

I was recently tuned in to this interesting YouTube video made by Rolling Stone Italy bemoaning Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and promoting rock ‘n’ roll. What the video falls to realize however, is that rock ‘n’ roll wasn’t America’s first “rebel” music. Not even close. That would be jazz. Check out these quotes from a […]

Obama loves Pokemon

The federal government shutdown is causing a lot of pain for many. For others, it is the source of conflict and dispute. For enemies of the state, it is creating opportunity. For most, it is the source of frustration. For the creative-minded geniuses at FilmCow, it is an opportunity to create a hilarious South Park-like […]

At least you are not Charlie Brown

The economy is in the crapper. People fight and kill over religion. Gas prices are high. You still can’t pee on the Alamo. But at least you’re not Charlie Brown. You know, sometimes I think the fact that Charlie Brown was such a lovable loser was good for society back in the day. There aren’t […]

Mickey Mouse Vietnam Protest

Here is an interesting cartoon short (via featuring a poorly drawn Mickey Mouse fighting in Vietnam. I can only assume this is not a Disney-sanctioned Mickey cartoon (see the Wikipedia entry on the cartoon for a brief history). How long it survives before the Mouse Legal Team takes it down is anyone’s guess. But […]

Hey kids, don’t try to fly in a Batman cape

According to, the University of Leicester recently did a study on the physics behind Batman’s attempts at flight. The Leicester students found that without a parachute, Batman’s gliding though the air would go unhindered, resulting in crashes that could be up to 50mph. No word on whether the superhero known as Captain Obvious was […]

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