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Category: Poetry

Finding my bologna on the internet

I have been writing online since 2006. I’ve written serious things, comedy things, sports things, and some music things. But the writing that appears in the oddest places has been my poem about eating a bologna sandwich that I wrote in 2009. I found it on someone’s DeviantArt page. They took my name off it […]

A dinosaur in corpse paint

I’d like to see a dinosaur in corpse paint. I searched Google images for one and I couldn’t find it. What a wonderful world we live in. Whatever I imagine, I can type it in and have it appear. If it already exists. But a dinosaur in corpse paint doesn’t exist. According to google. It […]

The Key (to the Middle Class)

Another poem about the job hunt: No matter your effort, no matter your hustle, no matter your grind Life is still controlled By gatekeepers Who, like Romans, judge your fit in 30 seconds or less. Thumbs up and you get to live Thumbs down and you’re delivering pizzas In 60 times the time. You stay […]

Polysyllabic Poem Power

I saw Dead Poets Society tonight for the first time. How I never saw that movie before was beyond me. I should have. It was really good, but I think Good Will Hunting was slightly better. But that’s for another post someday. Anywhoozle, Dead Poets Society reminded me I haven’t played poet in a while. […]

Safety on the High Seas

Bottles floated along desperate seas SOSs played the tune of sorrow For the survivors Waifs in the waves Uplifted by the One Transported to parts unknown Off to the hinterland Hindering the lay of the land They fell Confused But completely unharmed Why in the world would they be where they are? But where are […]

A brief bit on Afghanistan Poetry

Somehow this post was never finished during my 13 and a half months in Afghanistan. Not sure why. While I was in Afghanistan, I read quite a bit about Afghanistan culture. Having a degree in Creative Writing and being a writer and blogging et al, I took special interest in articles on Afghanistan poetry. From […]

Rockstar Muse

Here is another poem I’ve been tinkering with lately. It’s kinda random. She’s the kinda girl rock stars dream about Not for backstage fun or tour bus antics But for subject matter material only reality can provide She’s the drama queen of a small town tragic kingdom Trapped by the high school bubble gum still […]

The Parking Garage of Ego

It’s been a long while since I posted a poem. I wrote this a few months ago. I thought the visualization was interesting. You call it egotism I call it self-visualization Driving to the next level Never pulling in to one particular spot I’ll find my place Maybe where I feel like putting it in […]

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