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Category: Food

What I’m Reading – January 2017: Military, Media, Star Wars, and Beer

A wrap-up of articles I found most interesting this month. (I promise few if any articles on the new American president.) Why America is Self-Segregating – Data Society Points, 1/5/2017 I could write a lot about this article. Researcher Danah Boyd explores America’s drift into social segregation by using examples of the military, military contracting, […]

Dogan Traveler Chili

A few years ago, I had a co-worker who claimed to be decended from the infamous Donner Party. According to my co-worker, whereas part of the party turned to cannibalism, another part of the party created a type of bean-less chili to sustain themselves on their travels. My co-worker submitted this long-kept family chili recipe […]

When Victory Tastes Like Wendy’s

Although humans have boasted about their ability to cook since man first learned to barbeque a brontosaurus, the “foodie” phenomenon that has erupted in the last few years has taken culinary narcissism to a completely new and annoying level. Few things make a meal worse than getting full on the food of a foodie as […]

Writing across Tampa Bay

While the quest for 50,000 Nanowrimo words continues, I did some writing for other places that I am quite proud of. At the Tampa Bay Times, I wrote an article on Morrisound Studios. They were broken into six months ago. I checked in with them to see how they are doing. Six months after break-in, […]

Linkus Postus Maximus

While catching up with my reading today and working on a very special secret project (pictured on right), I found a few sites I’d like to share with you guys. First and foremost, here is a link to a delicious culinary delight brought to you by the leo weekly: presenting bourbon infused pizza. From The […]

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