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What I’m Reading: February 2018 – Disruption, Innovation, Information Conflict, Comedy, Sweat Equity, and Influencers

Here are a few articles I found interesting in February 2018: The New Digital Mandate: Cultivate Dissatisfaction – MIT Sloan Management Review, 2/16/2018 A good article on organizational behavior and how to rightly change organizations. While the wrong kind of dissatisfaction can be toxic, a willingness to tinker for the better can make companies far […]

What I’m Reading – January 2017: Military, Media, Star Wars, and Beer

A wrap-up of articles I found most interesting this month. (I promise few if any articles on the new American president.) Why America is Self-Segregating – Data Society Points, 1/5/2017 I could write a lot about this article. Researcher Danah Boyd explores America’s drift into social segregation by using examples of the military, military contracting, […]

What I’m Reading – December 2016: Analysis, Intelligence, Media, Protests, and Comedy

A wrap-up of articles I found most interesting this month. America’s National Security Agencies Under Trump: Lessons from the Nixon Administration – War on The Rocks, 12/21/2016 War on the Rocks takes an interesting look at distrust between the president-elect and intelligence agencies. So far, Donald Trump has shown hostility towards intelligence organizations. During the […]

What I’m Reading – November 2016: Internet Freedom, Propaganda, Comedy, and Dystopia

A wrap-up of articles I found most interesting this month. Freedom on the Net 2016 – Silencing the Messenger: Communication Apps Under Pressure – Since 2011, has released annual reports on Internet Freedom – the ability to communicate ideas via the internet. According to their “About Freedom House” page, the “freedoms of speech, […]

What I’m Reading – October 2016: Weaponized Media, Populism, Cyber Attacks, and Asian Hip-Hop

A wrap-up of articles I found most interesting this month. War Goes Viral: How social media is being weaponized across the world – The Atlantic, November 2016 This was my favorite read of the month. Authors Emerson T. Booking and P.W. Singer explore the relatively new phenomenon of social media manipulation. Booking and Singer discuss […]

What I’m Reading – September 2016: Messaging, Spin, Racism, Literature, and the Insane Clown Posse

A wrap-up of articles I found most interesting this month. Google’s Clever Plan to Stop Aspiring ISIS Recruits –, 9/7/16 This article discusses Google’s efforts to gear search results to anti-ISIS propaganda. Through a Google sub-company named “Jigsaw”, Google is attempting to persuade potential ISIS recruits towards anti-ISIS videos and articles. As a key […]

What I’m Reading – August 2016: Geopolitics, Technology, Messaging

A wrap-up of articles I found most interesting this month. The End of Globalization? The International Security Implications –, August 2 (Geopolitics, Economics, Social Movements) For years, I studied globalization. Following the Cold War, it was the framework of the new geopolitics. The global economy was supposed to be a place of free trade […]

What I’m Reading – July 2016: Terrorism, Warfare, iPhones, and Beavis and Butt-Head

A few of the articles I found most interesting in July 2016: Recent Attacks Illuminate the Islamic State’s Europe Attack Network – The Jamestown Foundation Although written in April, this is an amazing look into ISIS’s European network. This article discusses the personalities, organizations, and connections behind some of the most horrendous terror strikes of […]

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