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What I’m Reading: June 2017 – Technology, cyber warfare, productivity, comedy, and career advice

Summaries of the articles I found most interesting in June: Silicon Valley vs. The White House – The Eurasia Group, 6/28/2017 The Eurasia Group writes about the leaders of Silicon Valley and their interests and how those interests conflict with the interests of the Trump Administration. There are a lot of conflicts as the Trump… Read More »

What I’m Reading – April 2017: Veterans Entrepreneurs, Organizational Study, Media, Baseball, Kung Fu, and Star Wars

A wrap-up of articles I found most interesting this month. How Veterans Turned Entrepreneurs Are Disrupting The Pentagon’s Weapons Program – Fast Company, 4/3/2017 This was my favorite read of the month. Having been in the defense contracting world for several years, I understood the inflexibility of contracting – where the military defines their problem… Read More »

The original Biggy Smallz

Way back in the day, I heard rapper extraordinaire, the late Notorious B.I.G., stopped using the name Biggie Smalls because another rapper was using the name. The now-more-famous, but-then-newer Biggie (aka Christopher Wallace) only had a demo, a few freestyles, and the “Party & Bullshit” song to his name. He changed his name to Notorious… Read More »

Flava in Ya Documentary

Music documentaries are a favorite of mine. Especially ones of old school hip hop. This one, on Craig Mack, was interesting. Although it focused primarily on Mack’s early days and his relationship with Sean Puffy Combs. I would have liked to see more what happened to Craig between 2000 and 2015, when he was found… Read More »

What I’m Reading – January 2017: Military, Media, Star Wars, and Beer

A wrap-up of articles I found most interesting this month. (I promise few if any articles on the new American president.) Why America is Self-Segregating – Data Society Points, 1/5/2017 I could write a lot about this article. Researcher Danah Boyd explores America’s drift into social segregation by using examples of the military, military contracting,… Read More »

What I’m Reading – October 2016: Weaponized Media, Populism, Cyber Attacks, and Asian Hip-Hop

A wrap-up of articles I found most interesting this month. War Goes Viral: How social media is being weaponized across the world – The Atlantic, November 2016 This was my favorite read of the month. Authors Emerson T. Booking and P.W. Singer explore the relatively new phenomenon of social media manipulation. Booking and Singer discuss… Read More »

The Innovation of Notorious BIG and Jimi Hendrix

While perusing Facebook the other day, a saw a few musical videos my friends posted. While they weren’t meant to be similar, I saw a trend. Both had to do with the evolution of musical genres. The first video shows us an early Jimi Hendrix playing guitar for a group called Buddy and Stacey and… Read More »

Review of Hip-Hop & Philosophy: Rhyme 2 Reason

A few months ago, I picked up the book “Hip-Hop & Philosophy: Rhyme 2 Reason“. Published in 2005, the book explores the ideas in hip-hop culture and music and compares them to ideas and concepts in classical and modern philosophy. It attempts to bring academia to pop culture as it discusses the social and impact… Read More »