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Category: Personal Writing

I should write more often

It is a calm Sunday night in my small house. The dishes are done, the laundry is done (not folded, of course), a candle is lit, and ¬†jazz is playing on the Music Choice cable channel. There is a relaxing tone to the night, with the only excitement coming from an occasional trumpet or drum […]

The Case of the Mistaken Lortz

Today I received an interesting email from someone with an Asian name. Hello Mike, good morning. I am planning to remodel three bathrooms of my house. Mr. (another Asian name) refers you to me. Could you please give me a call to discuss the further details ASAP? I can be reached at (402) xxx-xxxx (home) […]

Memories of Spades back in the day

The other day I found an article entitled “A Caucasian’s Guide to Spades” on – or a subsite of Deadspin, whatever constitutes Deadspin these days. It’s been a long time since I played Spades. A really long time. At least 10 years. I think the last time I played was at a college party […]

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