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Category: Responses

Work or write: The Creative’s Conundrum

A few weeks ago, there was a huge tiff in the online creative writing community. According to reports, well-known author Diana Gabaldon advised aspiring writers not to major in English. In response to a tweet asking her advice on the career path of an author, the author of the Outlander series wrote: English major = “Want […]

Random thoughts on The Lego Movie

I’ve been told I think too much. That I dissect things I like into little itty bitty pieces. So of course, it stands to reason I would take apart and dissect 2014’s biggest movie so far, The Lego Movie. Because Legos are supposed to be taken apart into itty bitty pieces. I went into the […]

A problem with Viacom and BET

I don’t watch much television. Outside of sports broadcasts (which I have a whole other set of problems with), I think too much television is controlled by too few companies. Companies such as Disney, NBC, and CBS create waves of watered down broadcasts leveraged toward the lowest common denominator for the intent of gaining decent […]

Thoughts on Writing by a Writer

One of my most favorite blogs is 20-Nothings, a blog by now-LA based writer Jessie Rosen. Jessie and I probably have as little in common as two people could. She is a female under 30 living in Los Angeles who is giving the writing career an honest to goodness try and I am an over-30 […]

Cell Phones and Concert Etiquette

Finally national media is addressing a scourge on the world of social arts. Thank you, Jarrett Bellini of for discussing the use of cell phones at concerts. I have no problem with the occasional picture, but nothing is more annoying than those people who keep their phone in the air to “record” entire concerts. It impedes other […]

Pakistan and the Generic International Article Ending

Yet another interesting part of being in Afghanistan is taking interest in the neighborhood here in Southwest Asia, specifically in regards to Pakistan. As much as Afghanistan has been a mess for years, Pakistan isn’t much better, with military coups, religious fundamentalists, and all sorts of other political chicanery and hijinks. ran a good article summing up the Pakistan dilemma last […]

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