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Category: Minor League Baseball

Guest posting on Ben’s Biz

I’ve been an e-migo and reader of Ben Hill of Minor League for several years. Ben has been writing for Minor League Baseball covering promotions for a long time. It’s been his niche for at least five years. He is a regular on the Minor League circuit, traveling from ballpark to ballpark, meeting and […]

Guest post on

I’ve kept my sports writing off of this site for a while now. I’ve been writing all my baseball-related posts over at since 2014. I’ve been happy with that and that blog on the business of baseball in Tampa Bay is consistently growing season after season. Through research and well-written posts, it has become […]

The Beast that ate Dunedin

T’was 11 days short of a fortnight ago, when a wild beast descended from the hills, its snarly visage mocking the moon and blocking out the sun. The citizens of the village of Dunedin scrambled in horror as the beast made its way to the local baseball field. When it reached Florida Auto Exchange Stadium, […]

What do Tampa people support?

Since I’ve lived in Tampa, I’ve checked out several local entertainment scenes: Baseball – Major League and Minor League Pro Wrestling Stand-Up Comedy Hip-Hop Heavy Metal There are many other scenes throughout Tampa, but these are the ones I can say I know fairly well. Either I’ve participated or gone to see them often. While […]

My latest on Minor League Baseball

In an attempt to write about Minor League Baseball on every website known to man, woman, and child, I contacted John Sickels of to see if I could cameo on one of the premier, most-widely-read sites on the lower levels of baseball. Although the site is usually very prospect-heavy, this offseason they have […]

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