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My month at

During the month of June, I had the honor of participating in the residency program. This is a “guest writer” program held by one of the most widely-read baseball analysis sites. Their goal is to showcase writers they think are doing great work for smaller audiences and expose them on a grander scale. I… Read More »

Interviewed by Sully Baseball

While this blog has been sporadically updated in recent months, my writing at my sports business and market analysis site has picked up and, if I may say, business has been good. April 2015 was my most visited month in the site’s short 15 month existence. And I suspect as more people find out about… Read More »

Writing for Fangraphs

I’ve added another feather in my cap in regards to writing about baseball. While I have done the  interview route, the story route, and the game wrap-up route, I have rarely done any statistical analysis work. The type of work that asks a question, collects data surrounding the question, analyzes the data, puts it into… Read More »

Talking Rays at Rays Index

Although I am writing for my own blog about the Rays and Tampa Bay area baseball, I am still writing for other baseball blogs in the area. On Monday I dropped a piece on Rays Index, reviewing the Rays new ballpark additions. In sum, I like the new additions, but I have my concerns. Take… Read More »

My new labor of love

It’s been awfully quiet here lately. Tragically quiet. One might think I am trying to commit blog suicide. I swear I am not. The reason this blog has been so barren of late is because I started a new online endeavor. I bought a new site domain and everything. And since February 1st, I’ve posted… Read More »