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Category: Tampa Bay Rays

My month at

During the month of June, I had the honor of participating in the residency program. This is a “guest writer” program held by one of the most widely-read baseball analysis sites. Their goal is to showcase writers they think are doing great work for smaller audiences and expose them on a grander scale. I […]

Guest post on

I’ve kept my sports writing off of this site for a while now. I’ve been writing all my baseball-related posts over at since 2014. I’ve been happy with that and that blog on the business of baseball in Tampa Bay is consistently growing season after season. Through research and well-written posts, it has become […]

Interviewed by Sully Baseball

While this blog has been sporadically updated in recent months, my writing at my sports business and market analysis site has picked up and, if I may say, business has been good. April 2015 was my most visited month in the site’s short 15 month existence. And I suspect as more people find out about […]

Writing for Fangraphs

I’ve added another feather in my cap in regards to writing about baseball. While I have done theĀ  interview route, the story route, and the game wrap-up route, I have rarely done any statistical analysis work. The type of work that asks a question, collects data surrounding the question, analyzes the data, puts it into […]

What do Tampa people support?

Since I’ve lived in Tampa, I’ve checked out several local entertainment scenes: Baseball – Major League and Minor League Pro Wrestling Stand-Up Comedy Hip-Hop Heavy Metal There are many other scenes throughout Tampa, but these are the ones I can say I know fairly well. Either I’ve participated or gone to see them often. While […]

Talking Rays at Rays Index

Although I am writing for my own blog about the Rays and Tampa Bay area baseball, I am still writing for other baseball blogs in the area. On Monday I dropped a piece on Rays Index, reviewing the Rays new ballpark additions. In sum, I like the new additions, but I have my concerns. Take […]

My new labor of love

It’s been awfully quiet here lately. Tragically quiet. One might think I am trying to commit blog suicide. I swear I am not. The reason this blog has been so barren of late is because I started a new online endeavor. I bought a new site domain and everything. And since February 1st, I’ve posted […]

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