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Category: Basketball

What I’m reading: March 2016

Cleaned out my newsfeeds today and a lot of articles caught my eye. Some geopolitics, some politics, some sports, and some creativity/innovation. I always try to keep the balance. Geopolitics: IS Running Short on Money: US Official (3/19/2016) – BASNews IS Develops Drones inside Mosul (3/20/2016) – BASNews Financial Crisis Has No Impact on Peshmerga: […]

Anthony Mason, Hip-Hop, and Hunger

I don’t write much about basketball anymore. Not sure why. I just kinda stopped. But I need to today. Today, one of my favorite players passed away. Anthony Mason wasn’t a star. He wasn’t even a starter until his seventh year in the league. But he had heart, he had toughness, and he had character. […]

George Clinton and the Funky Seminoles

Last week, Father of the Funk, the great George Clinton was spotted at a Florida State Seminoles basketball game. GC was getting funky and getting in rhythm with the rest of the Seminole faithful, doing the Tomahawk Chop. From the reports, George Clinton is friends with FSU basketball coach Leonard Hamilton. After the game, George […]

When LeBron James was a member of the AfroSquad

Although forced underground by The Man, the Afro-Squad has had many famous members, especially in the basketball ranks. There was Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Gamble, Ben Wallace, and most recently, Andrew Bynum. Thanks to Cork Gaines of RaysIndex and other internet endeavors, we now have proof that the greatest current basketball player sported a fro once […]

Random Links of Historical Pictures and Images

Still catching up with the links I put aside while in Afghanistan. Going through my emails to myself is like going through an old, dusty basement minus the blogger in his underwear. Today’s theme is: Links of Historical Pictures. Here are several sites that discuss historical pictures and images that I thought were quite cool. […]

Things I like that start with the Letter “B”

There is a lot of stuff I like that starts with the letter “B”. I think I like more things start with the letter “B” than any other letter. Baseball Basketball Beer the Blues Bar-b-que Bratwurst Books Break-dancing Blogging Beaches Buckethead Bootsy Collins Buddy Guy Bus Leagues Baseball Bryan Maddox Boobs Big, bouncy, boobs. Unlike […]

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