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The Unpalatable Molly Knight

Before its first issue in 1998, ESPN Magazine was introduced in a commercial starring NBA players Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury. In this commercial, the then-Timberwolves claimed the magazine wouldn’t have “swimsuits, thongs, or bikinis”, but instead would be “all nude”, albeit “tastefully done”. Because that’s important. In its history, ESPN Magazine has not only […]

False Facts of a Monkey Movie

Nearly every high school and college teacher tells their students not to rely on Wikipedia. “Use it as a guide, not as a final source”, they say. “Anyone can update it,” they preach. “It might not be right,” they warn. Most never see an erroneous Wiki entry as even the slightest error is usually quickly […]

The Phenomenon of Fandom

I was thinking about writing something deep and profound about culture, history, and being a sports fan, but I realized it was too much trouble. There is a lot to research. It would be like writing a master’s thesis. And I am not ready to do another one of those. So here are a few […]

The Trouble with Sports Heroes

Here is another sports essay. The idea of heroism is one our society often struggles with. I remember when I was nine years old my fourth grade teacher asked our class if we read about any heroes in the local newspaper. I raised my hand and said “Yes, Mookie Wilson almost hit an inside-the-park homerun […]

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