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Category: Television

A problem with Viacom and BET

I don’t watch much television. Outside of sports broadcasts (which I have a whole other set of problems with), I think too much television is controlled by too few companies. Companies such as Disney, NBC, and CBS create waves of watered down broadcasts leveraged toward the lowest common denominator for the intent of gaining decent […]

Crossing Paths with Playboy Models

According to legend, I was conceived in New York’s Playboy Hotel. So although I wasn’t pre-conceived to cross paths with Playboy, I guess I was down with the bunny since before Day 1. With my creation story as inspiration, I thought it only made sense for me to want to marry a Playmate. For almost […]

Remember kids …

Some classic public service announcements. These are the messages that molded me into the person I am. C3PO and R2D2 on smoking: Meanwhile, in the Mos Eisley Cantina, Muftak has a little too much to drink and a Duros helps him find a way home: Pee Wee says “Don’t do crack”. Freddy Krueger’s rebuttal: What […]

Thoughts on gang treaties, world peace, and Wal-Mart

These are somewhat old thoughts, but I think they are still relevant. As I have mentioned before, I frequently read John Robb’s Global Guerrillas blog. Robb is a smart guy who often writes about guerrilla warfare, networked organizations, and independent sustainable communities. It’s high-level smarty pants stuff and highly theoretical, but with the way the […]

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