My Stand-Up Comedy

I have taken stand-up comedy courses at the Tampa Improv and performed stand-up comedy at:

  • The Tampa Improv: 5 minute set 10/30/2010, 8 minute set on 1/30/2011
  • Bonkerz Comedy Club – Ocala, Florida – guest spot (5/7/2011)
  • Winner’s Circle Comedy Club – Lakeland, Florida – guest spot (3/25/2011)

I have also appeared in commercials for and acted in several comedy video shorts.

While in Afghanistan, I tried to take my act international, with mixed success. You can read about that here: Bombing in Afghanistan (

Here are a few clips of me performing:

The Winner’s Circle, Lakeland, Florida March 25, 2011:

Bonkerz Comedy Club, Ocala, Florida May 7th, 2011:

Commercials and Short Films:

As an actor and extra, I’ve been in a Tampa Bay Rays “ground rules” video:

I’ve worked with

Disco Inferno Commercial 1 (20 January 2011)

Disco Inferno Commercial 2 (13 April 2011)

I’ve appeared in several Afro-Squad short movies, to include:

Afro-Squad: Return to the Future with Jordi Scrubbings (July 2009, Tampa, FL)

Co-announcing Tony Atlas v Jumbo Beretta (July 2008, Spring Hill, FL)

Shot of the Week #12 (w/ Peanut) (UNK date, Tampa, FL)

Afro-Squad: Cobra Commander Vs the Afro-Squad – Death of FCW (Jan 2009, Tampa, FL)


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