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Tag: The Pomp Culture Collection

Zen and the art of mailing it in

Sometimes there is nothing. Sometimes nothing is everything. Sometimes all we have is idea that we will have something more than nothing. Sometimes we beg for anything. Then there are the few times when we think we can scrape up all the remnants of past thoughts and attempt to concoct a gumbo worthy of being […]

Is Cheerleading a Dwarf Tossing Loophole?

Last weekend, prior to watching a Florida State basketball game, I saw the Florida State Seminole cheerleading squad put on an impressive display of balance and acrobatics. Besides the flips, leaps, and dance moves, the Seminole cheer squad’s choreographed performance included multiple occurrences of people-tossing, where young women were thrown about and thankfully caught by […]

Wednesday Wonderings with Jordi

Greetings and Happy New Year! For those who are still writing 2008 on their checks, it is now 2009. Or 2959 in the Berber Calendar. Or if you prefer, 2001 on the Ethiopian Calendar. (Really, go check that link out. Not only is the Ethiopian Calendar seven years behind the Gregorian, it celebrates the New […]

Happy Hendersonmas 2008

Fifty years ago in Chicago, Illinois, a king was born among us. A King of Kings. A Savior of Saviors. One who would change the world we live in forever. In late December 1958, John and Bobbie Henley were expecting a child. Unbeknowest to them, but beknowest to us, this child was unlike any other, […]

Defending Ebenezer

‘Tis the season for cliches. It is the time of year when we spout overused sayings promoting feelings that should permeate year-round. Yet for some reason only around the holidays do we recall stories of the perils of loneliness and claim to make an effort to increase general goodwill. Or is it all grandstanding? Do […]